The opportunity of Franchise today!

The development of the ΟΛΟΝ Retreat & Spa Hotels network is now a fact! We designed and created a pioneering development program of hotel units and the development of SPA function in the hotels. The development of SPA in WELLNESS spaces in just a few steps!

Our goal is the development of Alternative Medical Tourism in Greece and the networking of franchise stores with certification capability according to ISO 9001: 2015 to ensure the quality of services and benefits. Our deeper need for a holistic therapeutic approach of ΟΛΟΝ with the trust of All4Therapy.

Only the best partners!
Only the most effective therapies!
Only ΟΛΟΝ ... we travel to get to know ourselves!

ΟΛΟΝ Therapy Group by All4therapy has been active in the Health & Wellness sector for 6 years now with a steady upward trend and is pleased to announce that it was awarded this year, by TOURISM AWARDS 2018, the BRONZE AWARD Award "Franchise ALLON Health & Wellness Retreats: The Innovation of Alternative Thermal Tourism" for innovative Franchise ideas, Education and Vacation Packages in the field of alternative health tourism.

Join us today at the ΟΛΟΝ team to take advantage of our innovative services.

Some of our goals & activities:

  • We are developing the 1st Health & Wellness Franchise in Hotels and private worldwide with a patented patent in the Alternative Thermal Tourism sector.

  • We train professional health and wellness in all indoor & outdoor specialties.

  • We build Health & Wellness Vacations Packages.

  • We are the only one to combine Know How with experience, know-how and scientific level training with the excellent business knowledge of the subject to provide you with the maximum possible solutions for your space.

We will be glad to hear your cooperation proposal!

All of our proposals include activities and processes that are legally regulated globally so that the partner enjoys 100% of the benefits of the services.

  1. Franchise suggestion for the enjoyment of your full business privileges.
  2. Win2Win proposal for earning franchise privileges with less cooperative expenses.
  3. Possibility for further cooperation if you are interested in taking over the entire building with a new cooperation proposal and a larger range of activities.

Get to know us better:


Contact us to get to know us and find the co-operation that suits your needs and your space!

We will be glad to hear your news soon. We are at your disposal for any queries!


At your disposal for any other question or your suggestion of cooperation.

Communication Phones: +30 215 215 1990, +30 231 231 1990





Extra informations you will find in pdf files below:


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